Gratify + WeWork

May 23, 2017

We are excited to officially announce a newly-forged partnership with WeWork. Starting now, WeWork Labs members will be able to enjoy the benefits of Gratify directly integrated into their workflow. 

How it works:

  1. Every WeWork Labs member is eligible for a $100 credit toward any Gratify task.
  2. WeWork Labs members will be able to access GratifyGuy directly in their own Slack channel.
  3. Gratify will provide in-person freelance services at WeWork locations in NYC.

Why we’re excited:

By having both a physical and virtual presence at WeWork, we can establish Gratify’s credibility with one of the largest co-working communities in the world. Our in-person services will provide a face for our community while simultaneously allowing our talented freelancers to meet more clients (both in-person and online). We are currently only debuting in-person services in NYC to start. If interested in this opportunity and local, please shoot an email to

WeWork is the beginning. After beta’ing with Labs, we will begin inviting other incubators and co-working spaces to install GratifyGuy.